The Scholarship is available to students who wish to enroll in minimum two year post secondary studies.


The Scholarship is to be awarded in two installment amounts. The instalments are applied over the first two years of studies. The value of the Scholarship is as follows:

  • $1250 for the first year of studies

  • $750 for the second year of studies


The Scholarship will be awarded to only one person per year. The Alberta Beach & District Ag. Society shall make the final decision in the selection of the Applicant for award of the Scholarship. The Alberta Beach & District Ag. Society reserves the right:

  • Not to award the scholarship to any Applicant;

  • Withhold the second year installment if the Applicant fails to fulfill proof of a passing grade, proof of acceptance at the school for the second year, and proof attendance at the designated school.


The deadline for the Scholarship shall be May 31st of each year. The selection process shall occur in June of that same year and Applicants shall be notified of the Alberta Beach & District Ag. Society’s decision, in writing, prior to the end of June that year.


In order for the Award to be finalized, proof of acceptance to the designated school of the Applicant’s choice must be presented to the Alberta Beach & District Ag. Society. The Scholarships will be awarded at the Alberta Beach & District Agricultural Society’s September meeting normally scheduled on the fourth Thursday of that month. Proof of attendance at the designated school will be required prior to issuing the Award. For the second installment of the Scholarship, the Applicant must submit the following information:

  • Proof of a passing grade for the previous year;

  • Proof of acceptance at the school for the second year curriculum;

  • Proof of attendance at the designated school.


The selection for the Scholarship Award will be made based on the following:

  • Academic

  • Citizenship

  • Volunteerism

  • Essay

  • Leadership           

  • Age

  • Past Record


The application for the Scholarship must include an essay by the Applicant on the following items of information:

  • Why the interest in the chosen field of endeavour;

  • Academic and non-academic interests in and out of school, and your involvement in these interest;

  • Community involvement;

  • Why the Scholarship Committee should award you the Scholarship.


Submit the application form and the essay in a sealed envelope addressed to the following: (please mark the envelope ‘CONFIDENTIAL’)


Alberta Beach & District Agricultural Society

Box 330

Alberta Beach, AB T0E 0A0